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1, Aokang brand “Hong dragon” hand “happy family” Happy Together “casual shoes in China nfl…

1, Aokang brand "Hong dragon" hand "happy family" Happy Together "casual shoes in China nfl jerseys" Kang Long Hand "happy family" of all members. Changsha, Hunan International Convention & Exhibition Center Hotel function rooms Micron flashes, many of the media and Hong Long witnessed hundreds join this passionate air max 2010. It is reported that the happy family together, Kang Long also became the first invited to "happy family" coach outlet onlinespeak the same brand of business. 2, shoe launch this season of new fabrics and elegant birds in the "power of the custom to break the rules, I’m not blind followers", "coach bags outletis not to be the first original intention," "campaign was originally intended to return to happiness" such as the concept of "happy sports experts" elegant birds, in the latest quarter’s launch a lot of fusion of more human elements. Fabric in the clothing, the use of renewable coach purses outletand environmental protection technology, including woven embossed fabric, bamboo fabric, silk fabric memory fabric and flash. 3, Water Southwest Marketing Group, the coach handbags outletcenter was established, according to media reports, recently, the Water Group, re-transmission of ABC Communications, the Walt Group grand opening of the Southwest Marketing Center! coach wallets outletas a basketball culture and brand marketing pioneer, Water Group after nearly 20 years of sharpening to a high degree of international brands, distinctive brand positioning, personality style of cheap oakley sunglasses, stand out, is becoming the field of professional basketball in China strong brand, in the southeast, northeast, northwest Swift progress good market performance.

With the arrival of the Asian Games, Water to maintain the market ray ban wayfarer sunglassesof the original, while the strategic upgrade in full swing, into the Central Plains. 4 Tianchuang Shoes: Let the European shoe brands for the Chinese OEM of the 20th century the early 90s, when the PRD, most of the shoe exports are still busy with OEM ugg bailey button, the Guangzhou-day record was out of a Shoe Company not the same way – determined not to foundry. Shoe factory has established since 1991, Chairman Leung Yiu Wah no matter what the coach bags outlet, he insisted all this. Footwear market in China was almost no brand, Leung Yiu Wah began targeting the "brand shoes", and Belle, and other enterprises on Saturday to become the first prada sunglasses saleof Chinese women brand builders. 5, shoe Gilda organizations to build a corporate culture known to all staff of spectators, through the organization of appropriate activities to enrich cultural life of leisure staff will not only help mobilize the enthusiasm of staff, but also conducive to the ray ban 3025of enterprise culture. Recently, Wenzhou Gilda Shoes Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Sports Center staff to organize a wonderful spectacular view of the "American Basketball Tournament." Exciting games and the real shock of the field effect for chi flat ironexcited and cheering. 6, shoe O’Connell social responsibility into the pilot enterprises in Wenzhou City, recently, Wenzhou shoe O’Connell became the pilot enterprises to fulfill their social chi hair dryer.

According to relevant sources, the current Wenzhou City has with the German technology companies, social responsibility of enterprises will pilot training, expert stationed provide consulting to help companies develop social air max 24-7plan, establish the social responsibility of the system operating system. 7 Deerway shoe commercial value by the Chinese sports brand hundred Recently, the brand value from China Research Center, China Association of Economy and Commerce, "sales and marketing," the joint good news magazine, Del benefits awarded commercial value of hundreds of Chinese air maxbrand strong brand value of 5.13 billion yuan. It is reported that "Chinese sports brand commercial value" assessment is the first brand of sports authority of panoramic air max skylineactivities. 8, shoes ABC "fighting force upgrade" recently opened a comprehensive training program, China’s leading brand of children’s air max 2009industry employees ABC headquarters and training bases in Anxi, Quanzhou, Fujian blog launched to expand the base of "excellent team" for the subject of a series of targeted training courses on the team full access to the ABC2010 excellent training program. The "excellent team" training is the initial Children’s Products Co., Ltd. for the operation, ghd hair straightenersteam conducted a large-scale team training, intended to stimulate awareness of potential competition within the team and building a high cohesion, development, execution and competitiveness of management team and enhance their core ghd mk4. 9, Water Street, the ball go past the sky tour Suzhou China Sea elections November 7, 2010, Suzhou, China streetball craze blows. 2010-2011 in 16 cities across China, Street Ball Water country audition tour Suzhou race fully started. Hangzhou and Wenzhou spearheaded Water Street ball 3V3 two trials have made quite a stir, causing a wide range of hot ugg classic cardy. This time, Suzhou station before the launch of this two stations will not slam dunk contest, that will cause another round of frenzy. 10, Gilda shoe has cotton-padded shoes specially made for the Public Security Department of Fujian Province, Fujian Province Public Security Bureau held in purchasing shoes at the chi black, Wenzhou Gilda Shoes Co., Ltd. won the bid, won more than ten thousand pairs of police use of cotton-padded shoes orders.I think I know that Bob is the best, I like to win, always offensive failed. "A week ago, Shanghai General ghd purpleof Basketball Club, BenQ has used such a chapter a paragraph to introduce the new foreign aid," Green and more competent in the field locations.