TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

Hello and good morning and welcome once again for another edition of your Sunday morning political talk show and fast typing thingy. My name is Jason, and like many of you are saying today, “Hooray, no government shutdown! Ha, ha, suck it Belgium.” I was actually rooting for a government shutdown for a few minutes until it was pointed out to me that these terrible Sunday shows would still air, even in the event there was no actual government. Now that I think about it, of course, that was a stupid thing for me to have thought might happen. The only thing that shuts down these shows is, “occasional tennis.”

They sure dragged that out, though, didn’t they? Went right down to the wire, before they sort of revealed their kind of “meh” ending. Sort of like the final season of Battlestar Galactica. We’ll probably not know for a long time precisely how much of that mess was pure kabuki. I suspect a lot of it was. Obama got to be the guy who “saved Planned Parenthood” and Boehner got to move the Democrats around on how much they were willing to cut. The deal was probably inked on Monday and they probably spent Friday night dining on komodo dragon filets from Jamie Dimon’s private preserve as they watched their side bet — which Congressperson’s idiot staff would leak the deal on the internet first — play itself out. (Congratulations to the staff of Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns!)

Okay, well, let’s get some coffee and get this started, so that we may soon end it and go on with our lives. As always, you are welcome to leave comments or send me an email. You may also follow me on Twitter, if that’s your jam.

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