The Chicago Bulls Won’t Win The East

The Chicago Bulls Won’t Win The East

It’s easy to understand why the Bulls (62-20) are the favorite to come out of the Eastern Conference and compete for a title. The Bulls feature one of the league’s most dynamic talents in Derrick Rose and have a defensive guru on the bench in head coach Tom Thibodeau. Add Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah, two of the better big men around, and the Bulls should be able to compete in every playoff game.

Sometimes though, you have to throw out the statistics and just trust your instinct, which is why I believe the young Bulls are not ready to beat the likes of Orlando or Boston in a seven-game series, and will not reach the NBA finals this season.

In many respects, Chicago mirrors the Oklahoma City Thunder, a talented and brash team, but an inexperienced one as well. Rose, like Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook, is a wonderful playmaker, but sometimes takes the offense out of the flow by acting as a pure scorer instead of point guard.

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