Survey: Which Countries Are Thriving Worldwide?

Survey: Which Countries Are Thriving Worldwide?

The Danes have a reason to celebrate this week, as Denmark takes the top spot as the most “thriving” nation in the world, according to a newly released poll.

The Danish finding was perhaps one of the few bright spots in Gallup’s 2010 Global Wellbeing Survey, which otherwise showed little progress over the 2009 edition. Across the 124 countries which were polled, a median of just 21 percent were found to be “thriving.”

Gallup surveyors reportedly polled approximately 1,000 adults, age 15 and older, in both face-to-face and telephone interviews in each country throughout 2010. With Denmark taking the top spot with a whopping 72 percent of residents considering themselves “thriving,” Sweden and Canada followed close behind, each at 69 percent. The U.S. came in at 59 percent.

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