Lindsey Graham Has Meltdown Over Earmark Cut In Budget Deal

Lindsey Graham Has Meltdown Over Earmark Cut In Budget Deal

The thing about legislative compromises is nobody gets everything they want. That’s a fact of life for the 435 members of the House of Representatives and the 100 Senators who occasionally find themselves having to craft a deal that will get the President’s signature. Sometimes it works out that they’re left with something that most people will vote for, and sometimes it doesn’t, but most legislators handle it with at least a dollop of dignity and grace. And then there’s Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

Lindsey Graham has styled himself as the Senate’s great dealmaker — the guy who will shepherd your measure through the partisan thicket and make sure it passes. All you have to do is do everything precisely the way Graham imagines it needs to be done, and you’ll be fine. But the moment you hit one of his cryptic procedural tripwires — ones you often didn’t know were laid in the first place — Graham goes into full-on snit-fit mode, and vows to use whatever means at his disposal to shut the whole process down.

He’s doing it again over the budget deal that was wrought April 8, because it cut an allocation that was to be used to fund an Army Corps of Engineers project that would have deepened the Port of Charleston. As Susan Crabtree at Talking Points Memo reports:

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