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Honey, I Shrunk The Credit Score

Honey, I Shrunk The Credit Score

Steven Marks knew he was wasting thousands of dollars every month paying the mortgage on a home he bought during the housing bubble that will never be worth that much again.

But he’d read plenty of horror stories about people having serious trouble modifying their mortgages due to bank confusion and misbehavior, so before he started looking for debt relief on his Reno, Nev. home, Marks sent a simple request to Bank of America: Could they tell him who owned his mortgage? And could they document it?

Marks didn’t get the type of response he was expecting. After initially declining to tell him who owned his loan, Bank of America provided a form letter with the name of the current investor a few weeks later. But they also appear to have lowered his credit score, the preeminent measure of creditworthiness that will principally determine his ability to obtain loans in the future.

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