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Florence Welch’s Eye-Catching Indie Style (PHOTOS, POLL)

Florence Welch’s Eye-Catching Indie Style (PHOTOS, POLL)

British singer Florence Welch of the indie rock band Florence and the Machine is certainly one to keep an eye on. Her hit song “Dog Days are Over” catapulted her to stardom, as it earned her a VMA and Grammy nod, and she even performed at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo last December.

On stage, Florence opts for Stevie Nicks-inspired outfits with dramatic sleeves to highlight her energetic arm motions and commanding stage presence. On the red carpet, the singer dons vintage-inspired ensembles with lace, velvet, and floral prints. She’s not afraid to wear socks with heels or to highlight her flaming red hair or to turn up pantsless at a Chanel show, all of which we absolutely love.

Take a look at some of Florence’s best looks and let us know which ones are truly marvelous.

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