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Ed Rollins To Sarah Palin: ‘You’re No Reagan’

Ed Rollins To Sarah Palin: ‘You’re No Reagan’

CNN contributor and former Reagan campaign director Ed Rollins has a clear message to Sarah Palin: “You’re no Reagan.”

Rollins wrote in a Wednesday op-ed for CNN that the former Alaska governor is seriously overstepping her bounds by attempting to draw comparisons between her and the one-time California governor-turned-president.

“I know you were only two when Ronald Reagan was elected by a landslide to the first of two terms as governor of California in 1966, but I would have hoped somewhere along the way through the five colleges you attended that you would have learned a little history,” Rollins writes. “And I can tell you being governor of the most populous state is a lot tougher than being governor of one of the least populous ones.”

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