Daily Mail Launches Weird Attack On Obama’s Father

Daily Mail Launches Weird Attack On Obama’s Father

Here’s a clever thing the the U.K.’s Daily Mail did in response to the release of President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate: a brief little item on how Obama’s father was a “slippery character.” Says the Daily Mail, “With a father like this, it is little wonder President Obama did not want to release his full birth certificate” — well, o-kay! (Naturally, this story was picked up this morning by Fox Nation.)

Gathered in this brief are a range of things attesting to the senior Obama’s youthful shadiness, including a whiff of polygamy and the fact that his University of Hawaii student advisor noted that he was chasing a lot of tail at college and “cautioned him about his playboy ways.” It’s implied that the former charge was briefly considered “as a grounds to deny him a visa extension;” the latter basically describes almost every man you ever met at college.

But here’s where they go off the rails:

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