Katerina Zemanova: “Non sono io al party.” I nei la incastrano? (Foto e Video)

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T he teenage daughter of Czech president Milos Zeman has denied being at a porn party after photos and film footage allegedly of her gyrating with naked men emerged in a local newspaper.

Blonde Katarina Zemanova wearing a white blouse and short black skirt is seen with friends at the event in Prague surrounded by girls guzzling drinks while naked men perform sex acts.

But the 19-year-old has denied the KateGate photos and video (as local media have dubbed the affair) are of her, slamming them as a fake.

Speaking through the spokesman the president’s daughter said: “This was not me. The photos are a hoax or some sort of fake.

But the editor of Extra.cz which initially published the photos, Pawel Nowotny, has now released the footage saying: “This is viral on the Czech internet.

“And it is clearly her and not some look-a-like.

“She even has the same freckles.”